Contact USA

Need to contact Polyart USA? Below is listed the names, phone numbers, and email addresses for your needs.

Arjobex America, Inc.
10901 Westlake Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273


Polyart Sheets/Commercial Distribution/Merchant

Frank Fogle
National Distribution Sales Manager
mobile 704-905-0351
Lisa Rogala
Midwest Distribution Sales Manager
mobile 704-713-3903

Polyart Rolls/PS/Converting/IML

David Manny
National Converting/IML Sales Manager
mobile 704-804-0186

Latin American

Pierre Y. Rougeaux
Latin American Sales Manager
mobile:  + 33 6 74 53 59 06

Corporate Office

Alan Harsey
Print Technologist
phone 888-588-7659 ext185
direct 704-926-0185
mobile 704-906-3914
Cynthia Alexander
Inside Sales
phone 888-588-7659 ext136
direct 704-926-0136
Jarrika Burdine
Inside Sales
phone 888-588-7659 ext134
direct 704-926-0134
Jerri Millwood
phone 888-588-7659 ext128
direct 704-926-0128