Need to contact Polyart USA? Below is listed the names, phone numbers, and email addresses for your needs.

Arjobex America, Inc.
10901 Westlake Drive
Charlotte, NC 28273


Polyart Sheets/Commercial Distribution/Merchant

Frank Fogle
National Distribution Sales Manager
mobile 704-905-0351
Lisa Rogala
Midwest Distribution Sales Manager
mobile 704-713-3903

Polyart Rolls/PS/Converting/IML

David Manny
National Converting/IML Sales Manager
mobile 704-804-0186

Latin American

Pierre Y. Rougeaux
Latin American Sales Manager
mobile:  + 33 6 74 53 59 06

Corporate Office

Alan Harsey
Print Technologist
phone 888-588-7659 ext185
direct 704-926-0185
mobile 704-906-3914
Cynthia Alexander
Inside Sales
phone 888-588-7659 ext136
direct 704-926-0136
Jarrika Burdine
Inside Sales
phone 888-588-7659 ext134
direct 704-926-0134
Jerri Millwood
phone 888-588-7659 ext128
direct 704-926-0128