Tamper Evident Labels

Specifically developed to meet the requirements of tamper evident labels, Polyart® TE (tamper evident) is a unique facestock, destructible by delamination.

When converted into a self adhesive construction, Polyart TE has unique features:

  • once applied on the packaging to protect, at the first attempt to remove the label, it delaminates and shreds, thereby proving that the product has been tampered with.
  • all the properties of an oriented HDPE film (durable, resistant to water, grease and chemicals, low temperatures (-60°C, -76°F)) …

Polyart TE combines the tamper evident properties (thanks to its highly cavitated core layer giving very low internal cohesion) with an exceptional printing and converting performance:

  • Prints great with all conventional printing techniques: offset, flexo…
  • Thermal transfer; compatible with a wide range of ribbons
  • Die-cutting is very accurate at high speed
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Reduced waste and better productivity during the converting process compared to other destructible films
  • Good automatic label dispensing


Typical applications are warranty seals for spare parts, luxury goods, pharmaceutical products, wines and spirits, chemicals drums, etc.
How to get Polyart TE ready to print?
Ask your self adhesive / pressure sensitive substrates provider or contact us.

Polyart TE is a patented product, Patent No.: US 7,270,874 B2

Security and authentication labels

For customized security solutions that need tamper evidence, authentication features applied on many labelling technologies such as in mold-labelling, wet glue labelling… we have developed a specific offer.

Polayrt USA - security labels