Fiberskin is an innovative paper, resistant to weather and humidity which makes it an ideal substrate for your plant tags, outdoor signage and applications.
Printable by laser, Fiberskin is easy to print and convert on your traditional equipment.
Fiberskin is 100% FSC paper based, 100% biodegradable, 100% sustainable.
The products used in its production are not harmful to the environment, and Fiberskin can be disposed of with paper, in the recyclable bin.

Main benefits:

  • Fiberskin is 100% Biodegradable
  • Recyclable paper: no need for “Hot repulping”
  • FSC certified
  • PVC and all plastic free
  • Disposable with paper
  • Laser printable
  • Good water resistance (against splash water, rain)*
  • Convert like paper and board

* 6 to 8 weeks for direct exposure to bad weather, 6 months under shelter

Plant tags, nursery tags, outdoor price tags and posters, price tags for cold environment, refrigerated products in supermarkets…

• 215 g/m² (225 µ)
• 365 g/m² (385 µ)

Please find the media compatibility chart.

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