Polyart Wet Glue

Polyart Wet glue cut and stack labels is the industry leader for label solutions. Our wet glue cut and stack labels offer the printability your brand packaging needs to shine. For synthetic wet glue labelling Polyart® wet glue labels can be applied with existing wet glue labelling equipment and dries rapidly.

Polyart wet glue labels for paper label replacement:

  • for glass and plastic bottles
  • can be applied on existing wet glue labelling equipment
  • compatible with conventional adhesives for paper labels
  • rapid drying time
  • conformable, clean edges with no wrinkle, no curl

Polyart wet glue labels easy printing and converting:

  • available in sheets and rolls
  • printable by sheet fed offset litho, and rotary processes (gravure, flexo). Conventional & UV
  • compatible with traditional oxidation inks for coated paper
  • excellent die cutting
  • can be hot foil stamped and embossed